Clark County Genealogical Society Six Free Basic Genealogy Classes

Six Free Genealogy Basics Classes at Clark County Genealogical Society

Before spring comes around and gardens need tending, awaken the winter doldrums by adding a few ancestor leaves to your family tree. Increasingly, people are getting their DNA tested and looking for answers, say, about that two percent of Basque origins that shows up. But where to start the search? Turn to your local genealogical society for help. Beginning February 7, the Clark County Genealogical Society is offering a series of six FREE one-hour, in-person basic genealogy strategies classes.  Each class will focus on a different topic for digging into the roots of your family tree. All of the teachers are experienced local genealogists who will offer useful hints and practical tips whether one is interested in beginning a search or just wanting to refresh their skills. For more information and to pre-register, stop by CCGS at 3205 NE 52nd Street, Vancouver (check the website for hours: or call CCGS at 360-750-5688.

The classes and topics:

Feb 7,2023 –  Basic Genealogy Strategies – The Beginning

Feb 14, 2023 – Basic Genealogy Strategies – Organize with Purpose

Feb 21, 2023 – Basic Genealogy Strategies – Where Are Your People Located?

Mar 7, 2023 – Basic Genealogy Strategies – History and Your Family

Mar 14, 2023 – Basic Genealogy Strategies – Using the Ancestry Website Effectively

Mar 21, 2023 – Basic Genealogy Strategies – Family History Clues in Probate Records