Let’s Talk About: The Family History Guide

Bob Taylor is the founding guru behind The Family History Guide. This fantastic, and FREE, website, was begun in 2015 and is still growing and expanding and offering more and more help to us genealogists. 

From a RootsTech presentation by Bob Taylor, I learned about The Family History Guide:
     * Bob began as a Family History Consultant and realized folks had questions…. often the same questions repeated, so he devised a way (a website) to help answer those questions.
     *The Family History Guide is free, with no ads, and is privately funded.
     * The Guide is offered in over 100 languages! (Doesn’t that show how serious Bob is?)
     * If you printed out all the many and various help pages from the Guide’s website, “it would equal a California redwood in height,” Bob quipped.
     *The Guide offers about 200 video tutorials with links to 1000 more. 
     *The Guide offers a blog, a Facebook page, and a “Tip of the Day” feature.

     At RootsTech, Bob Taylor explained: “We want no barrier to learning….learning should be easy, efficient and enjoyable. Think of The Family History Guide as a learning library.”

I have taught many of you in my classes over the years that “if it’s free, take two!” Well, this is free and you can take hundreds!