Genealogical Forum of Oregon 2023 Fall Seminar

Announcing GFO’s Fall Seminar, A Day of Tools & Tech

This online seminar is hosted by Genealogical Forum of Oregon and offers a full day of techniques and tips to get the most out researching on the computer. From using common apps in creative ways to squeezing the most out of Google, you are sure to learn something new! The main speaker is the charismatic and always entertaining Thomas MacEntee.

Session 1 – You Use WHAT for Your Genealogy?

Session 2 – Google Tools for Genealogists

Session 3 – Genealogy Tech with Thomas

Session 4 – Tech Troubleshooting – What Would You Do?

Closing and Door Prizes

For the full program and registration, go to

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  1. Carol Handke says:

    I would like to attend the seminar.

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