Snohomish County Naturalization Records

I have been working diligently on the Snohomish County Naturalization Records and am nearing the end.  I hope to be done by the end of September.  Can you post something in your blog that it is almost complete? Yes!  I had completed up to 1947 and then it kicked me back to 1927. 1928 and 1930.  The numbers indicate about 1400 left.  These are fascinating records and beginning in the 1930s they posted pictures with their Declarations of Intent. I am sure your membership would find these records useful to them.

Your fellow typist at Washington State Scribe Digital Archives,

Vickie Schafer

Editors Note: Scribe is the way millions of records have been made available for everyone researching in Washington. Click Here for Scribe

2 comments on “Snohomish County Naturalization Records

  1. Thank you Vicki — and Charles, who is another Scribe champion! All that indexing work helps all researchers who need Washington state records.

    In appreciation,


  2. Vickie Schafer says:

    Thanks Valorie. Charles has done over 600,000 records! Astounding!

    Snohomish County is now finished. I am now working on Whatcom County which is the last one listed in the Naturalization Records. It doesn’t have a lot to finish it so hopefully I can get that one done by the end of September.

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