Family Search Chat

Interesting, yes, but the big news in this FamilySearch blog post is not in the headline. Sub-head:

Backing Up Your Old Messages

When FamilySearch Chat fully replaces the old messaging system, messages from years prior to 2022 will not transfer to the new system. However, users will be able to access and backup older messages they wish to keep. Here is how that process will work…

In short:

Anything older than 2022 will be available at until 31 December 2023. 

To save and backup your older messages, we recommend using one of these methods:

  • Go to to download a complete .docx or .zip file of all your old messages to your personal device.
  • You can also look through your messages manually at and copy and paste the ones you would like to keep. Once you have the messages in a document on your device, you can save the document in your personal files.

 The rest of the post is worth reading as well!

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PS: feel free to pass this news along either by forwarding this email, or in your own post. I’ve not seen this news elsewhere. I just downloaded all my old messages with no issues.