Applied Genealogy Institute Fall Registration

Press Release

July 2023

Applied Genealogy Institute Fall Registration will open August 17-23, 2023. The registration period is one week and a lottery system is used when courses are over-subscribed.

Five courses are available:

  • Applied Genetic Genealogy — Leah Larkin, PhD
  • Public Speaking for Genealogists – Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD
  • Transportation Nation: An Exploration of U.S. Routes & Records for Work and Travel in the 19th to Early 20th Centuries – Pamela Vittorio
  • Using Land Records to Solve Genealogical Problems – Lisa S. Gorrell, CG
  • Writing Reports: For Clients, Family Members, Other Researchers, and Yourself – Sara Gredler, CG

AppGen provides the student with a unique online genealogy education experience with a high degree of instructor-student interaction utilizing a practicum-based approach. The founders believe that “Learn by Doing” is a more effective way to gain knowledge by putting those newly learned skills to use immediately. Class size is small (15 maximum). All assigned student homework is commented on by the instructor. Courses are 4-5 weeks long which gives time to study and process each week’s information and to do the exercises.

For detailed information about each class and how to register, check out Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to get up-to-date information about upcoming courses.

Applied Genealogy Institute Spring Semester

Applied Genealogy Institute, a new institute founded by three Certified Genealogists, two of whom are from Washington, is excited to announce the next series of educational offerings to the genealogical community for our Spring semester. Whether you are educational addicts like we are or one who just wants to “do it right,” you will find a course to fit your needs in the Spring offerings of AppGen. 
If you want to know more, check our current class offerings out at our website:
No, the registration window isn’t open yet, but it will be after the first of the year. Sign up for the mailing list and tell your friends.

Applied Genealogy Institute

We would be thrilled if you would inform your respective societies and the members of your societies of our new institute. Here is the short announcement followed by the full press release. If you have questions, contact any of the three of us in the To: line above.

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG, Lisa Hork Gorrell, CG and Jill Morelli, CG are happy (gleeful even) to announce a new virtual practicum-based learning option for genealogists! Do you best “Learn by Doing”? Do you want smaller classes that allow for significant class discussion and to receive responses to your assignments–all at an affordable price? Then the Applied Genealogy Institute is for you! Check us out at and sign up for the mailing list at the website to be the first to get our opening window for registration.

Very interesting YouTube on the Applied Genealogy Institute:

New Practicum-Based Institute Established: Applied Genealogy Institute

For Immediate Release
New Practicum-Based Institute Established:
Applied Genealogy Institute
Contact: Jill Morelli, CG at for more information
The Applied Genealogy Institute, a new virtual genealogical institute, where attendees “Learn by Doing” will begin fall 2021. Sign up on the Mailing List to get the latest updates and the opening of the course signup window.
Are you yearning for practicum-based learning in a virtual environment from instructors you signed up to hear? The Applied Genealogy Institute (AppGen) is for you. The modest price and the virtual environment make intermediate to advanced practicum-based education topics available and accessible to everyone.
Three courses will be offered in October/November of 2021:

  1. “Irish Research,” instructor, Mary Roddy, CG
  2. “Land Research,” instructor, Lisa S. Gorrell, CG
  3. “Exploring Broad Context,” instructor, Jill Morelli, CG
    More information on course content can be found at the website.
    AppGen is structured to capitalize on the best practices of the on-site institutes and virtual options.
    • There is a demand for strong intermediate and advanced genealogy education in a
    non-intimidating atmosphere.
    • “Learn by Doing” practicums enhance student learning and provide practical skills.
    • Practicums are most effective with small numbers of students. No more than 15
    students will be enrolled in a class, allowing for meaningful class discourse.
    • A single instructor with smaller classes will monitor the students’ progress and
    provide feedback on assignments.
    • Expenses are lower, so the cost is lower.
    • AppGen provides options to those who can’t leave home for a week of classes
    because of work, family obligations, or other personal circumstances.
    • The registration system is based on a lottery system with an open registration
    window—no more “first come, first served” and no more system crashes.
    The Applied Genealogy Institute is the outcome of many discussions with emerging genealogical leaders regarding the type of education that is possible for busy but committed genealogists. By combining the best practices of many different educational opportunities and rectifying the weaknesses, AppGen achieves a balance that provides affordable and accessible genealogy education for all.