Twin Rivers Genealogical Society Walking with Ancestors

“Join Twin Rivers Genealogy Society on July 4th for the annual Walking with Ancestors at Normal Hill Cemetery,  1122 7th St, Lewiston, ID 83501.  The free presentations will start at 8:30 with 10:30 am as the last tour. 

This year we will be in the mausoleum. You will hear about the lives of the Choate’s, Joslin’s, Gibbs, Walker’s, and Clark’s!
Bring your lawn chair, as the presentations are outside and then go inside and tour the mausoleum. We hope to see you there! Any questions, Sue @ 509.780.7592.”–

Sue Gehrke

Twin Rivers Genealogical Society Walking With Ancestors

“Twin Rivers Genealogy Society  is presenting Walking with Ancestors, July 4th at the Normal Hill Cemetery, 1122 7th St, Lewiston, ID.   First tour at 8:30am,with the last tour at 10:30am, lasting about an hour, at the Masonic Section.  Steven Branting will be presenting McConville’s.  The graves of Kroutinger’s, Butler, Damas’, Stenzel’s, and Tannahill’s and the Columbarium.  Please bring a lawn chair.”–

Sue Gehrke

Twin Rivers Genealogical Society Ask a Genealogist

Presents: Ask A Genealogist

Any question about genealogy to our guest Genealogist

Lynda Keenan

July 27th 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This event is open hours. You may come anytime and stay as long as you can.

Lewiston City Library, 5th and D Streets, Second floor Event Space.

No Fee – Beginner to experienced are welcome

Your questions on DNA, researching, documenting, Ancestry or other companies. Trees including private, public, online and on your hard drive.

Bring your computer and work hands on with Lynda. Library WIFI is available. Have your passwords, software ready and updates completed. If you need assistance getting your computer ready contact: **

BIO – Lynda Keenan was born and raised in Illinois. In 1998, she moved to Spokane, Washington where she graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Biology. About Thirty years ago, she began what has become her passion and now her career: genealogy and genetic research. Her research has extended beyond her own family, to others that have been searching for their families. Currently she is enrolled in the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and upon completion in August will hold certifications in American Records, English Records and Genetic Genealogy. Lynda is the President of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, and a member of several other Genealogical Societies, and participates in several Surname Projects. Over the past several years Lynda volunteered and worked with others on the Obituary Collection Index Project (OCIP), and upon completion we had over 87,000 obituaries Indexed from several local newspapers. She leads the Refocus monthly group and has taught and will be teaching courses on Genealogy Research and Genetic DNA. In 2020 she started her own genealogical business “A Sapling to A Family Tree” (, with staff from several states in America and is focusing on teaching more classes and working with clients to help them further their genealogical understanding.

Twin Rivers Genealogy Society is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Idaho, serving Lewiston ID, Clarkston WA, and the surrounding areas. We have been active since 1967 and strive to provide classes and learning opportunities through various speakers, field trips, and professional genealogists, historians, and writer’s presentations at our meetings.

For more information: Facebook: Twin Rivers Genealogy Society; Email: or call 509-552-5280.

Twin River Genealogy Society Walking with Ancestors

Walking with Ancestors

July 4th 2022

Presented by the Twin River Genealogy Society

Starting time: 8:30am first group, (16 per group) and 10:30am is the last group.

Also joining us is Steven Branting, Local Historian.

We will be at the Normal Hill Cemetery Division 2, Lewiston ID. Please bring a lawn chair.

The People we will be visit:

William Harvey

George Evans Stonebraker

Miles and Nellie Smith

Mary and William Stewart

Several Sisters from St Stanislaus

Mary and Frank Stevens

Twin Rivers Genealogical Society Cancelled March Seminar

Good evening, I just wanted to let you know that the “Preserve the
Past and Present Photos for the Future” has been cancelled until October
2020, due to coronavirus. We will be letting you know when it is
rescheduled as soon as we have a date. Please keep “Walking with
Ancestors” July 4 and we will be sending out information the closer we
get to that date! Thank you for your help in getting the word out. We
will see you in July! WE HOPE!!!!

Twin River Genealogy Society November Meeting

The Twin River Genealogy Society meeting Nov 14th at Orchard’s Methodist Church on Burrell Ave, in the back side basement entrance at 6:30pm visitation and meeting at 7:00pm with Pamela Thorson,  she will be talking about Arrow Idaho.   She will be talking about the people of the area and her book “Arrow”. This is also our election of officers after the presentation.  We would love to have you join us. 

Pam Thorson is a licensed practical nurse, author, speaker, and full-time caregiver. She and her husband raised their family in a log cabin overlooking the Clearwater River at Arrow, Idaho. She authored her first book, Song in the Night (2008), after their son’s spinal cord injury in 1997. Her second book, Out from the Shadows: 31 Devotions for the Weary Caregiver, was released in 2014. Her latest book, Arrow: The History and People of an Idaho Community, Volume 1 (2019), presents the rich history of her beloved community.

Pam speaks at various venues and writes a weekly article for the Christian music website, She is a full member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA). As a member of the Idaho Caregiver Alliance, she served on the Family Caregiver Work Force, tasked by the Idaho legislature to research and craft recommendations to support family caregivers.

She and her husband have five grown children and four grandchildren.

Pam Thorson is a long-time resident of Arrow, Idaho, and she has spent nearly thirty years compiling the stories of her beloved Clearwater River valley community. This first volume presents the rich and varied history of Arrow, from its first known native inhabitants to the coming of Lewis and Clark, the opening of the reservation to settlement, and its development as a railroad station. Its stories are gleaned from many written sources, elder accounts, and the author’s own experiences that made Arrow both wild and wonderful.