University of Washington Genealogy Class

The University of Washington offers a nine-month evening certificate program in Genealogy and Family History that prepares students to conduct their own genealogical research into family history with an understanding and appreciation of the social and historical context within which their ancestors found themselves.


The program starts each fall, meets one evening a week for three quarters, and culminates in a family history writing project in the spring.  The next program starts in Autumn 2015.


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Learn to do professional-level genealogical research into your family history. Work with an array of resources – including cemetery, military and naturalization records – to help you uncover fascinating stories about your ancestors. Conduct research that illuminates the political, economic and social context of your family’s past. Interpret historical documents and photographs. Develop interviewing techniques. Gain problem-solving strategies to overcome investigative roadblocks. Produce a substantial narrative of your family’s unique story.

Key Outcome

You will learn to use a range of research tools and techniques in both genealogy and history to explore and preserve your family’s past. Continue reading