NGS Delegate Council Virtual Kickoff Workshop

Dear Friends of Washington State Genealogical Society,

The NGS Delegate Council Virtual Kickoff Workshop is the first opportunity for NGS member organization delegates to work and learn together. The workshop is an opportunity to collaborate with peers from other genealogy organizations and learn more about the role of a delegate.

Scheduled for 17 May 2021, it is one of several new components of our week long virtual NGS 2021 Family History Conference focused on genealogy organizations.

Each NGS member organization is invited to “send” its delegate to the workshop which will be held entirely online. There is no fee to register. Delegates will receive their invitations soon.
The Virtual Kickoff Workshop is a time to learn about the Delegate Council–the new advisory body for genealogical organizations that are members of NGS. The Delegate Council provides a unique perspective and guidance to the NGS Board of Directors on genealogy and family history matters, and how NGS can best serve genealogy and family history organizations.

It’s also time to get to work! Delegates will share ideas and thoughts on genealogy organization management while charting a course for how the Council will work together.
The workshop will: Provide information about the structure and function of the Delegate Council Facilitate understanding of Delegate Council member roles Prepare members for effective collaboration on the Delegate Council. If you are unsure of your organization’s NGS membership status or its assigned delegate, please contact

NGS will record some portions of the workshop and make them available to member organizations on its website.
Learn more about the week-long events planned for NGS 2021 Virtual Family History Conference, 17-21 May. And be sure to take advantage of the discounted Early Bird registration fee, plus member discounts, when you sign up by 15 March 2021.

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