WSGS Conference Ellensburg, Washington Day One

Since it was supposed to be hot on Friday June 26, 2015 we wanted to start early to get to Ellensburg before it got hot, but as usual we got going about 8:30 a.m. It was hot before we even got out of town, and by the time we got to Ritzville it was even hotter. At Vantage the wind was very calm down by the river.

100_2010But as we climbed up from the river toward RyeGrass Pass the wind generators were nearly all turning. I guess with so little water to generate electricity they are using as much wind power as they can to save the water behind the dams.


At the Ryegrass rest stop Mount Rainier came into view and it looks so cold at the top.


We got to Ellensburg and drove right past the Quality Motel, and turned around and found it this time. Since we were very early we went into the attached restaurant and had a milkshake, sure was nice on a hot day. Checked to see if we could check in and they were not ready for us yet. Frank McLean came in about then and we talked a little and looked at the rooms we were going to be in for the conference.


We got to get our registration packets while we waited for our room to be ready and finally just before 3 p.m. our room was ready, so we checked in, and carried the suitcases and everything else we had from the hot car to our room. I then went to the WSGS board meeting, all members are welcome at the board meetings, and after the board meeting the the computer lab was set up.



Roxanne Lowe, Roger Newman and Frank McLean at the computer lab.

Got hungry and found a few other board members and had dinner.

Then back to our room to check out the WIfi and get to bed since day two starts early.

One of our friends from Spokane had been told the WIfi was not working and would be fixed till Monday, but it worked fine in our room.