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Summer’s in full swing and that means many of us are on the road, in the air, or on a boat visiting people, places, and things. It also means you’re taking lots of photos. So…we’re sponsoring a Blog Banner Photo Challenge, looking for a few good photographs to highlight in our banner (replacing the Snoqualmie Falls photo above). The banner will feature a series of photos taken by you, our readers.

Rules are few:

  • Landscapes, landmarks, and scenery photos are preferred. If, however, you have a perfect photo that includes people, please obtain their permission to post the photo.
  • Photo must have been taken in Washington State (this is the Washington State Genealogical Society blog, after all!).
  • Photo will be cropped to 1100 x 250 pixels, so keep that in mind.
  • You may enter as many photos as you want.
  • Final decisions on suitable photos will be made by the awesome WSGS Blog Team.
  • There’s no prize if your photo is chosen – just the satisfaction that your photo is being showcased on a blog viewed by hundreds of enthusiastic genealogists.
  • There’s no firm deadline to submit photos, just keep ‘em coming. We want to rotate lots of photos to keep the blog fresh.
  • To submit your photo, please email the image (jpg only, please); what, where, when, and by whom the photo was taken to

Got questions? Email the blog team at

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