Kittitas County Gen Society News


For our Monday January 9th meeting program, I am asking all attendees to bring a small sheet of paper or 3×5 card with your name and ONE genealogical item you will resolve to search for in 2017. Even those not able to attend might want to do this.


Maybe you will choose something like “find great-grandma Smith’s father’s name”, or “when was Great-grandpa Brown born”, perhaps “find the will of Great-uncle William”. Just ONE goal for the year. Hopefully, that will get us each moving forward on our research for 2017. We will share what we want to search for and why we want to find this (requests for ideas of where to look may be made), then I will collect the sheets/cards which we will use again late in the year to check our progress!


See you at the January meeting!

Lynn Blazek