Twin Rivers Genealogy Society Walking with Ancestors

    We are going to do our Walking with Ancestors again, Walking with Ancestors is presented by the Twin Rivers Genealogy Society,  July 4th at the Normal Hill Cemetery, 1122 7th St, Lewiston, ID 83501,  starting at 9:00a.m. and finish our last tour at 11:00a.m. Walking with Ancestors is presented by the Twin Rivers Genealogy Society.

A little history:

” We started with members of the Nez Perce County Pioneer Association members, 1859 through 1876, that are buried in the K of P Section and looked at the areas they were buried in. Selected those near 14th Ave. in the NE 1/4 which included Dr. Madison A Kelly (M.D and druggist plus mayor), Juliett Mallery (selected her nephew Marcus S. Whitman & his parents, Perrin & Priscilla Whitman because of relationship to Marcus Whitman in Walla Walla), Phoebe Akins, William L. Boise, and John Penn Fix. Next we chose Laura Snyder Barbor because of the location and her round grave marker. Our Whitman’s wasn’t a minister but Perrin’s brother Marcus Whitman was.

   I don’t know what they did as that is what the research does is find out as much about them as we can. That is what we promote is that we can find something about everyone buried in the cemetery if we do research.”


These are the people we will be presenting:

Perrin and Priscilla Whitman (relative of Marcus Whitman

William Boise

Laura Snyder Barbor/Benjamin C Barbor

Phoebe B Akins, and John Estes Akins

John Penn (Michael) Fix

Dr. Madison Kelly is a physician

If you have any questions you can reach me at  cell phone 509-780-7592.  Thanks Sue Gehrke