Friday Serendipity

**** If you are reading this on posting day, December 1st, then you have twelve days left. I understand that starting on Monday, December 13th, you will have to create an account and sign in to use FamilySearch. Fear not, it still will be free. I guess this is just a necessary evolution. Also please fear not that those handsome Mormon missionaries will come looking for you.

*** Did you know there is a Swedish-Finn Historical Society here in Washington? It is an organization dedicated to finding and remembering the history of the Swedes and Finns who migrated to the Evergreen State…. about 80,000 of them. If you have this ethnicity, click to

**** We’ve always been taught that the first shots fired in the Revolutionary War were on Bunker Hill in Boston, right? Apparently wrong. In June, 1775, a local group of colonists in Machias, Maine, learned that a British warship would arrive to requisition lumber for British barracks. Capt. Jeremiah O’Brien and 40 ill-armed cohorts/colonists planned a colonial response and the resulting battle was on June 12, 1775, five days before Bunker Hill. So much for the history books.