Monday Mystery

Thanks to you all who took the time to take me (and my book) to task for that too-old list of Washington passes….. Fran and Patty added Sherman Pass, Chinook Pass and the Hwy 20 North Creek Pass. Whoops.

Today’s Mystery: Know where this is?

This Sol Duc Falls, one of THE most photographed waterfalls in our state. The falls are located up a .8 mile trail just off Hwy 101 west of Port Angeles. The falls flow over four channels with a 37-foot drop with an 11-foot flume drop.

So how did that name come about?

Before 1992, it was “Soleduck,” a Quileute name meaning “magic water” or “sparkling water.” These falls flow down and mix with hot springs forming theraputic pools known to local Indian tribes way before the first white settlers came in the 1880s. A huge 4-story resort was built there in 1912 to lure tourists from Seattle. What an adventure they had getting there! First by boat from Seattle to Port Crescent (now Joyce), then by auto to Lake Crescent, then by boat across the lake and then up the Soleduck River by horse carriage. (Would it have been worth that effort to you to soak in a hot pool…that I’m sure did not look anything like they are today!)

Was privileged to take that hike and soak with my son and daughter last week. Lucky me.