Spotlight on Whitman County Gen Society

This is the hard-working board of the Whitman County Genealogical Society. From R to L:  Luke Sprague (webmanager), Sue Rogers Kreikemeier (president), Janet Margolis Damm (librarian), Monica Bartlett Peters (research chair), Judy Standar McMurray (newsletter editor), Corinne Lyle (recording secretary), and Margery Rounds Muir (vice-president). Missing was Judy Rice (treasurer).

Did you notice the plaque they show displaying the WSGS awards made to their members??? They proudly display this in their library and at meetings.

I was privileged to attend their seminar-meeting on April 21 and it was a cracker-jack morning. Two speakers, Horace Alexander Young and Father Mike Savelesky, taught us all “great stuff.” (Which I will summarize in future blog posts.)

Want to know more about this most-southeasternly genealogical society in Washington? Click to You’ll be amazed at what a little group has accomplished.