Friday Serendipity

Read a cute thing in our local paper. It had to do with repairing a huge clock face on one of our downtown buildings which “had always been there.” Point of the story is that this clock wasn’t installed until the late 1980s so it really hasn’t been there always. But in old-timers’ memories of Spokane it has! And that’s where the editorial writer explained the concept of “revisionist nostalgia.” This is why, he wrote, “that our parents or grandparents explain in vivid detail walking to school everyday, uphill both ways, in the snow.” My father always said that Mother was his babysitter and he thought she was taking him to get a fishing license and poof! they were married.  That’s revisionist nostalgia big time. Surely you have stories like that??

3 comments on “Friday Serendipity

  1. My children and an one particular Christmas.
    My brother’s memories of childhood vs. mine.

  2. Lynda Pheasant says:

    About a hundred years ago, a family genealogist attributed two Kansas bachelors as pony express riders. Further research showed their involvement was with the railroad, the iron horse, not the pony express.

  3. Bettye Hull says:

    This is why it would be loads of fun at a reunion to ask several family members to tell (preferably write) the story of “the summer we went to the beach” or any other memory – SEPARATELY. The versions that will be told will probably astound some…but will for sure entertain everyone!

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