WSGS Needs YOUR Help…… Big Time

In the past, WSGS has asked for YOUR help and you have responded most eagerly and graciously and we thank you. Now we have another big need and ask for your help.

WSGS is going to partner with a Civil War veterans buried in WA website:  Bruce Smith and Karyn Zielasko Weingarden have invested hours of their time and emptied their wallets to create, support and maintain this wonderful website all by themselves. Now the time has come and they are asking for help.

The website needs a website manager. This is a request from both Bruce and Karyn. They have brought it this far but their website-creator-tech-person is stepping down and they need help….our help.

If you have the skills to manage this one website, which is up and running most awesomely, won’t you please raise your hand and help us??

Please let me know, Donna Potter Phillips,, and I will be intermediary with Bruce and Karyn. They will be so very grateful and so will we, the WSGS Board.