Wednesday Nostalgia

Many of you……. well several of you…….. actually two of you have asked about SCRIBE. So I shall explain. If you’re a working genealogist, and you care to make a difference in the field, then SCRIBE is for you. Go:  and set up an account. This is to you/they can send records back and forth. Then pick the group of records you’d like to see/index. Here is a sample:

It’s a school census record from 1929 for Island County and yes, it is faint but the handwriting is darn clear. The image comes and to the right are the boxes/lines where you type in your transcription from the record. One image is a “batch” and when you get to the bottom of the page, you click FINISH and the page sails into the ethernet on its way to the digital archives and you can download a new batch/page. Really, it’s pretty straight forward and quite easy.

One thing I learned the hard way: When you fill in the blanks on the right side of the screen, and click enter, you then need to click APPEND on the top to bring up a new box on the right. You’d think it would say ADD but nope, it says Append.

It just feels good to use an otherwise empty few minutes to do some “scribe-ing.” I 100% recommend it to you!

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  1. Debbie Thompson Golding says:

    I have been enjoying helping with SCRIBE. It is easy to use and although I only input one or two census reports a day, I feel good about how that adds up. Thank you for sharing SCRIBE!

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