Senate Ways & Means Schedules Public Hearing on Closing Vital Records SB 5332

There will be a public hearing on Senate bill 5332 February 19 at 3:30 pm

Members of Senate Ways & Means Committee

Rolfes, Christine (D)
303 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7644
Frockt, David (D)
Vice Chair, Operating, Capital Lead
224 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7690
Mullet, Mark (D)
Capital Budget Cabinet
415 Legislative Building(360) 786-7608
Braun, John (R)
Ranking Member
403A Legislative Building(360) 786-7638
Brown, Sharon (R)
Assistant Ranking Member, Operating
202 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7614
Honeyford, Jim (R)
Assistant Ranking Member, Capital
112 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7684
Bailey, Barbara (R)203 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7618
Becker, Randi (R)316 Legislative Building(360) 786-7602
Billig, Andy (D)307 Legislative Building(360) 786-7604
Carlyle, Reuven (D)233 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7670
Conway, Steve (D)241 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7656
Darneille, Jeannie (D)237 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7652
Hasegawa, Bob (D)223 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7616
Hunt, Sam (D)405 Legislative Building(360) 786-7642
Keiser, Karen (D)219 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7664
Liias, Marko (D)309 Legislative Building(360) 786-7640
Palumbo, Guy (D)402 Legislative Building(360) 786-7600
Pedersen, Jamie (D)235 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7628
Rivers, Ann (R)204 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7634
Schoesler, Mark (R)314 Legislative Building(360) 786-7620
Van De Wege, Kevin (D)212 John A. Cherberg Building(360) 786-7646
Wagoner, Keith (R)109A Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7676
Warnick, Judy (R)103 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7624
Wilson, Lynda (R)110 Irv Newhouse Building(360) 786-7632

2 comments on “Senate Ways & Means Schedules Public Hearing on Closing Vital Records SB 5332

  1. Elizebeth Lawson says:

    Genealogists have already lost resources by Vital Records only giving an extract of birth and death information. Please don’t take it all away.

  2. Eileen Magnuson says:

    Please keep the vital records open for the public. Genealogists need this information to find their relatives and to make sense of their family history.

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