Tuesday Trivia

Good question: When did your ancestor arrive in the colonies? Referring to pre-Revolutionary War arrivals. Here’s a guide with time period, geographic area and resource;

1620 Plymouth Colony Mayflower Families/Five Generations

1607-1657 13 Original Colonies Founders of Early Am. Families

1620-1635 Plymouth/MA Bay Colony Great Migration Begins

1620-1640 New England Great Migration

1620-1650 Massachusetts Pioneers of Massachusetts

1641-1700 New England Early New England Families

by 1699 Maine/New Hampshire Gen. Dictionary of ME/NH

to 1700 (marriage) New England Torrey’s New E. Marriages

These are all pretty much basic New England reference books; you’ll find them in most genealogical libraries and perhaps online.

This list of references/resources is thanks to American Ancestors.

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    And what about Virginia? Florida?

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