Wednesday Nostalgia

Are you of Finnish descent? Danish? Norwegian? Or Swedish? All of these ethnic groups have a center or museum here in the U.S.

The Finnish American Heritage Center is located at 435 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI  49930. “Established in 1932, the archive’s mission is to preserve and promote Finnish-American identity and history across North America.” Here is their website:   You might also “LIKE” their Facebook page.

The Museum of Danish America is headquartered in Elk Horn, Iowa. Established in 1983, their mission is to preserve the stories of Danish immigrants, their descendants, and the Danes in the U.S. today. Their website is: Bet they also have a Facebook page to LIKE.

Norwegians have two centers for information and study. The Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum is in Decorah, Iowa, and is a center with 12 historic buildings and a heritage center, library and archives. It was founded in 1877; the nameVesterheim comes from the Norwegian for “western home.” Their webiste is

Coming in 2020 to Minneapolis is the National Norwegian Center in America. The Norway House was already there and this new research library open “to all those interested in Norwegian genealogy research.” Visit their website at

The Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center is located in Rock Island, Illinois. Augustana College was founded in 1860 by Swedish immigrants and therefore became a natural location for the Swenson Center. This is not a walk-in library; appointments are required. Their website is and they, too, have a Facebook page to LIKE. They will do your Swedish research for you; they offer a magazine, theSwedish American Genealogist; and they will translate old letters and documents for you. 

Did you remember that for every one of these ethnic-geographical research areas, there is free information on the FamilySearch WIKI??? Click to and then SEARCH. 

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  1. Lora Rose says:

    Finlandia University in Hancock, MI used to be called Suomi College. My great uncle, Matti Kortesmaki graduated from Seminary there in 1906. I was baptized in the church he served in northwest Minnesota. This fall, Finlandia is celebrating the seminarians (1904-1958) and their faith mission. My mom also graduated from Suomi College in 1945.

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