Seattle Genealogical Society GiveBig Day

May 8th is a BIG day!

         The Seattle Genealogical Society is excited to be part of the           

2019 GiveBig campaign!

#GiveBIG2019                             What is GiveBig?
    A coalition of non-profits that come together for one day of giving for the
Seattle community. We need member support more than ever!
    Here’s how to show your support:

  Show your financial support by donating to the
Seattle Genealogical Society.
  Follow us
  Help build the buzz by following us on Facebook
and sharing our posts.

  Spread the word
                Tap into your individual networks to share                 the work that we do at SGS.

            Forward this information to your family and friends and share                 what you think is important about the SGS mission.

We are an all volunteer organization!

Volunteers maintain and update a 15,000 volume library that is open to the public. SGS offers a variety of services and databases for those researching ancestors from all over the world.  We have classes, seminars, publications, and knowledgeable volunteers to help in your genealogical journey.

Make an IMPACT! Support us through GiveBIG, our community’s biggest day of giving of the year. Learn more at