Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

Most people who keep their family tree on Ancestry regularly attach records/images to an individual in their tree using the ‘Save to a person in my tree’ function, thinking they have really saved the record to their tree, and it will be there forever and ever. Fun and easy? True. Forever and ever? Not true. What has really happened was a link was created from their tree to that record/image in a database. So once they stop subscribing to Ancestry, they will still have access to their family tree kept there, but they will no longer be able to view any record/image attachments “saved” from a paid database — which most are.  

The bottom line, if these records/images are important to you, by all means, “Save to someone in my tree” as you have been doing, but also use the “Save to my computer” function.  Name the record/image file you saved something meaningful, so it can easily be identified later, and keep it organized in a folder on your computer. A good practice might be to create a folder on your computer for each of your family surnames.