THE GENEALOGICAL FORUM’s Thursday Evening E-News Special Edition November 28, 2019
We Give Thanks…
I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday. Please know how grateful all of us at the GFO are for all of you who support the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. Tracing family history has become one of the most popular hobbies in the country. We’re making very personal connections, not only to history, but to distant living relatives we never knew before. (Thank you, internet connections and the explosion of DNA testing.) My deepest thanks go to the more than 100 volunteers who keep the GFO alive. This is not a mere platitude. The GFO literally would not exist, nor keep the doors open daily, without volunteers. They greet you, help with research, handle membership, index records to make them searchable, number and catalog more than 50,000 holdings and provide countless classes all year long so we can share what we’re learning with each other. I’d also like to offer my gratitude to the volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors. They give even more time, monitor our modest finances, guide the organization and strive to keep us relevant in this increasingly digital (and often impersonal) world.
Finding family is personal.
Thank you for helping the GFO to preserve and share heritage since 1946.
Vince Patton