Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week Ethnicity Estimate

Did you get the word DNA ethnicity estimates have been updated? Anyone who has taken an DNA test can login to their account and see their new ethnicity estimate results.

Here is Ancestry’s explanation for this update and the changes you might see. They say, “Don’t worry, your DNA doesn’t change. What changes is what we know about DNA, the amount of data we have, and the ways we can analyze it. When that leads to new discoveries, we update your results. To calculate your estimate, we compare your DNA to a reference panel of DNA samples from around the world. As we get more samples in our panel, we can identify more world populations for you.”. 

From “Discover Your DNA Story”, you can find “Learn More About This Update” for more details. And from there, for a limited time, you may view or print your previous ethnicity estimate using “View Previous Estimate”. 

If you are ready to learn more about DNA and genetic genealogy, check the SGS Calendar of Events for meeting times for the DNA interest groups, “DNA Workshop” and “DNA Interest Group”. And don’t forget about the SGS 2020 Fall Seminar with Dr Blaine Bettinger, author of “The Genetic Genealogist” blog.