International German Genealogy Partnership Early Bird Discount

International German Genealogy Partnership
Hello German genealogists,

It’s March 24, and that means there is officially only one week left to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount for German Genealogy conference. Are you registered yet? The Early-Bird pricing expires Wednesday, March 31st. 
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With eight Live! lectures and over 50 OnDemand lectures you won’t want to miss, this conference will advance your German genealogy in ways you never knew possible. Special Connections rooms are another conference highlight, allowing you to chat with genealogists from around the world with similar research interests. Will you be there?
We have been busy on our conference blog! Check out the latest posts and videos here:  Meet All 8 Marquee Speakers in One Video Meet Speaker Kim Ashford It’s Getting Easier to Be Genetically German – The Latest Updates! by Diahan Southard  The Pursuit of Happiness and the Migration Experience von Wolfgang Grams Meet Speaker Camille Andrus
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Can’t wait to see you this summer!