Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week Learn the Leeds Method


The Leeds Method is simple, useful, and visual. After doing it once, you might comment “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?”. This method can be especially helpful for an adoptee or for someone with an unknown parent or grandparent. 

In the Leeds Method you are organizing your DNA matches; therefore, generating hints for yourself by grouping your DNA matches according to shared (in common) DNA. Your matches are color coded and displayed in columns in a table.

In the purest form you will end up with 4 columns, each representing one of your grandparents’ family line. Then you must further evaluate each column of shared DNA matches by doing traditional genealogy.

You can learn the steps and  more about the Leeds Method at Dana Leeds’ website:

But, since the Leeds Method is so visual, why not get a quick start by watching Dana’s presentation at RootsTech 2019.  In the video, she is the third speaker in the hour-long Power Hour Session entitled “You Can Do DNA”. In this video, there are 3 speakers and 3 subjects:

 “Do: The Right Test”  with Christi Jacobsen
   “Do: Understand Your Ethnicity” with Diahan Southard
   “Do: Work on Your Matches” with Dana Leeds

Watch the entire video or skip to about 40 minutes to see Dana’s presentation.

Here’s the link: