WSGS President & Secretary Nominee Statements

Kathleen “Kathy” Weddle Sizer of Granger has been nominated to serve as WSGS President. To learn more about Kathy, click here.

Additionally, Roxanne Ferbrache Lowe of McCleary has been nominated as Secretary. To learn more about Roxanne, click here. The term of offices is 01 Jan 2022 through 31 Dec 2023.

Online voting for the slate will begin 17 Dec 2021 and run through 24 Dec. All WSGS members will receive an email with a SurveyMonkey link to their anonymous ballot. Members are asked to vote for each position. Write-in nominations are allowed.

Kathy’s statement:

Through the years it has been harder and harder to fill board positions.  Many enjoy the benefits of organizations and clubs but few find the time to run for office.  I am running for President to fill a need; I enjoy being the “play crew” and not the “actor” but see the need.

Washington State Genealogical Society has been a driving force for many years and can be for many more.  Our focus has gone from helping form societies and hosting seminars with noteworthy speakers to being a clearinghouse promoting our many great societies here in our state and helping them to advertise their seminars, workshops and meetings.  I and others have attended events other societies have put on over the years due to the fact that WSGS has promoted these events for the local societies.  I wish to see this continue as each society has something to offer all of us and WSGS has made it easy for me as well as you to find events and attend those that will benefit genealogical research.

WSGS not only promotes local societies but has financially helped local societies through various grants and one-time gifts through the dues our loyal members have paid.  Thank you members!

WSGS is embarking on updating the Pioneer Files for Washington State, an ambitious project but a boon for those with early families to our state.  Let’s keep Washington State Genealogical Society relevant!

Roxanne’s statement:

I am a proud member of the Washington State Genealogical Society. Although the last few years have seen many changes and a few up’s and down’s, I believe the society is still relevant and supportive of local societies around the state.

We know the way we do business is changing. I will always be a strong advocate of local societies, but see a valuable role for a statewide umbrella, providing financial support, special programs, advocacy, recognition and/or communication.

Every organization is only as strong as its leadership and members. WSGS is listening to you, whether you’re in a local society or not. We want to support you in ways that are value-added to you.

I appreciate your support in being elected Secretary of the Washington State Genealogical Society.

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  1. Presidents Award – I’m Secretary of StillyValley Gen. Society in Arlington. Several years ago I submitted our founder (Marietta Roth)to be awarded the Presidents Award – regretfully someone else was chosen. I’ve not seen anything from WSGS since then about this award but would like to see Marietta get this honor while she is still with us…could you bring this back?

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