Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone here on the WSGS Blog and hoping for a better year in 2022

This Postcard was from Ella F. DeRemer first cousin to my grandmother Anna M. (Dillingham) Hansen.

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  1. Judith Culver says:

    Charles, thank you for your dedication to this blog for so many years. It has been greatly appreciated by many. I hope you are enjoying a nice holiday season. Judith, Whatcom County

  2. Kathleen Sizer says:

    Merry Christmas to you Charles and to all our members. Talk about cold-26 degrees below. Love those old postcards. Even they contained information on our ancestors’ lives.

    Thanks to Charles, Diana, Valorie, Roxanne, Ginny, Frank, Mikal and Janet and others who have kept WSGS going. May 2022 bring health and more joy your way.

    A member, Kathy Sizer

  3. Merry Christmas to all from a damp Black Diamond, where we may yet have a white Christmas! Thank you so much Charles for your dedication and fine work keeping the blog working and boosting communication during this very difficult time.

    Valorie Zimmerman
    South King County Genealogical Society

  4. Nedra Weber says:

    Charles I did not live very far from Columbus, MT in Laurel. Imagine!

    • Charles Hansen says:

      Wow Someone that knows where Columbus is located. My grandparents moved there in 1910 and ran the creamery for a few years, then sold that and bought the grain elevator.

  5. WOW – how wonderful Charles to have kept this old postcard from 80 yrs ago and postage only 1c…26 below makes you think how did they and their animals keep warm – what did they eat – was there “cabin fever” … how far away was the Safeway?? Thanks for sharing…Happy New Years to all! Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society – Arlington

    • Charles Hansen says:

      My father, his brother and his mom all collected postcards, each one had a postcard book with slits to hold the post cards. so I have a bunch of postcards.

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