Washington State New Non Profit Act

Last year the Washington Legislature passed an updated Non Profit Law (the last one passed in 1970) and it takes effect on January 1, 2022. While much is just changes allowing online meetings and similar language changes, there are other parts that pertain to non profits with members and to having youth on boards. There was one training session already and more to come in 2022. They are free since the Secretary of State paid the fees for all of us. Here is a list of some upcoming meetings:



Be sure to subscribe to the email list, I have been on that list for a few years and if we ever get back to in person meetings it is regionalized so you only get meetings in your region and important statewide meetings.

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  1. Lora Rose says:

    Thanks for your great work for our society in 2021. Look forward to a best New Year in 2022. You’re the best, by the way!

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