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We are thrilled to tell you that we’ve passed the half-season point in Season 1 of our podcast, Blast From My Past — available on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Blast From My Past podcast features the incredible true stories of people whose lives were changed by what they discovered through MyHeritage about their family’s pasts — whether it was a close relative they never knew existed, the key to unlocking an old family mystery, or a newfound connection to a long-forgotten legacy.

Here’s a brief recap of the season so far:

Episode 1: “The Secret of Ereikoussa — Yvette Corporan had to know: did the entire Greek island community where her grandmother grew up really conspire to hide a Jewish family, right under the noses of their Nazi occupiers? Follow her quest to confirm this extraordinary story… and find out what happened to the family her grandmother helped to rescue.

Episode 2: “The Missing Piece— Abandoned at the same train station in Daegu, South Korea, just weeks apart, Kim and Christine were placed for adoption on opposite sides of the globe and grew up unaware of each other’s existence. Then came the DNA test results that changed everything.

Episode 3: “The Hero Who Fought Both Sides — In a 1933 photo, a Jewish shopkeeper, decorated with a German military medal from WWI, smiles wryly right next to a Nazi guard outside his shop. Who was this man, and what happened to him in the dark years? The answer tells an astonishing story of courage.

Episode 4: “The Real Uncle Sam — He wants YOU to join the U.S. Army. But who is this Uncle Sam in that iconic recruitment poster? It turns out that he was based on a real person — and this is his fascinating story.

Episode 5: “The Colombian Link — When a pair of Colombian half-brother adoptees reunited thanks to a DNA test, they couldn’t have known that their journey to find their birth families had only just begun… or exactly how far that journey would take them.

There are plenty more beautiful and mind-blowing stories on the way! Please help us reach a wider audience by sharing about the podcast and encouraging everyone you know to follow or subscribe to it, too.


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