Tri City Genealogical Society Richland FHC Closing while Remodeling

The Richland Family History Center is going to be downsized.  We will be closing the FHC on May 20st to allow the remodeling of the building.  

On Saturday, May 21st  starting at 9 AM, there will be a free Parking Lot giveaway of the excess equipment, furniture, shelving, and miscellaneous materials that we will no longer be able use or store in the Family History Center.   There will be several boxes of duplicate books.  Come see if you can find something to help in your family history research.
If you have any microfilm that you previously ordered and want to keep it available, please contact Wayne Ross (509-531-2728) before the 20th. 
Most microfilm is now available online and most of our inventory will be returned to FamilySearch in Salt Lake by May 20th. 
We don’t know when we will be able to reopen at this point.