Eastern Washington Genealogical Society June Meeting Finding Family in Western Canada

Please join us on Saturday June 4th for David Obee. You can attend either in-person at the Shadle library or by Zoom. Zoom link and syllabus will be posted on the website the morning of the presentation. Please remember to print your syllabus before you arrive. There will be door prizes!And a free table!  You may bring any genealogy items that are no longer useful to you to add to the free table, but you must take home any items that are still there at the end of the day.      

  Saturday, June 4 EWGS General Meeting 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm A Hybrid Meeting at Shadle Public Library   David Obee will present:“Finding Family in Western Canada”Odds are, you have cousins, if not ancestors, from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, the four western provinces of Canada. This presentation will cover the important sources that apply to all four provinces, some that are regional in nature, as well as ones unique to each province. It will include some geographic clues, and will note some major differences between research in this region and in the United States.