Yakima Valley Genealogical Society Donated Photos

YVGS received several years ago (2006) genealogical materials that include pictures, correspondence, deeds, etc from a house in Seattle that was going to be demolished.

Items received by YVGS include the following names, items, etc. If this is your family please contact me: ericksensue@gmail.com

A F Foltz, Seattle; Jack Lindsley; Burchett, Harry J, b.1889; Frank Lary, Wenatchee; Higgins family: Lewis Lee & Phoebe Davis Higgins; Deeds: John Ross, Wenatchee; John Kempfer; 1886 Phillip Miller Kittitas County; Northern Pacific Railroad 1901.

If unclaimed photos will be sent to Dead Fred.

2 comments on “Yakima Valley Genealogical Society Donated Photos

  1. Rosemary Titus says:

    What city is the picture of the Northern Pacific Railroad taken?
    My grandfather was a telegrapher for NPR. He worked in different deports.
    Thank you,

  2. Sue McNeil says:

    What is the picture of the Northern Pacific Railroad? Train? Employees? My husband’s great-grandfather, Walter Parsons, worked for Northern Pacific Railroad in the 1890s until about 1901.

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