Pioneer Pursuit Progress

Many of you have embraced the Pioneer Pursuit contest with enthusiasm and vigor. We’re very excited about all the submissions (more than 1,500 so far!). It’s hard to know exactly how many people lived In Washington Territory, but there are estimates that about 350,000 individuals were here in 1889, so we have a ways to go.

We acknowledge we’re a little behind on posting the submissions in the index, but we’re working hard to get caught up. Thanks for your patience.

Even though we’re still posting your submissions, don’t let that slow you down. We’re still looking to document every man, woman and child who lived in Washington Territory on or before 11 Nov 1889. And don’t forget there are prizes for every individual and genealogical society that submits a Pioneer.

The submission form, instructions, examples, frequently asked questions and research hints are all available here. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help!

One comment on “Pioneer Pursuit Progress

  1. Randolph Sleight says:

    I have several Pioneers that came to this State in 1869 to found Huntsville- Benjamin Johnson Hunt
    To live in Waitsburg then Colfax then Elberton James Alexander Pickard and his family of 10 children with his wife. Young son Delbert Pickard ran the country store in Lacrosse for many years. All arrived in this State in 1869 via wagon train to Oregon City and then back to Walla Walla to buy land.

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