Imminent Deadline for Recognition Awards

Nominations from local societies for the Outstanding Volunteer and Outstanding Team awards are almost due. The deadline to send your nominations to is Saturday, July 1, 2023. The forms are available here. The virtual announcement will be made Thursday, August 31, 2023.

A few FAQs about the Recognition program:

  • Local societies can submit up to two individuals or one team/project for recognition.
  • The Outstanding Volunteer/Team Award program is not a competition – it is locally driven. All nominees from local societies will be honored with an Outstanding Volunteer/Team certificate, but we want these awards to be special, so please don’t nominate your whole society (even though they are outstanding!).
  • Posthumous awards are, of course, acceptable.
  • Nominees may have received an Outstanding Volunteer award previously. Click here for a cumulative list of awardees (alpha by name and by society).

For more information about the awards, check out the Recognition page of the website. For more information, email