SVGS Hybrid Meeting Research Team Named One of WSGS’s Outstanding Teams in 2023

Since 2003, the Washington State Genealogical Society has recognized over 600 outstanding volunteers and teams, nominated by their local society or genealogical organization for their service and dedication. These volunteers are the backbone of their local society, giving their time and expertise, to the organization and the field of genealogy. Over the past year, were were introduced to each of the 2023 award recipients and learned why they received the 2023 WSGS Outstanding Volunteer and Team Award.

Today we’re introducing the SVGS’s Hybrid Meeting Research Team who were selected by the Skagit Valley Genealogical Society (SVGS) as their recipient of a WSGS Outstanding Team Award. The team is composed of Bill Radock, Bob Hendricks, George Ridgeway, Stephen Hutchens, Linda Duffield, Alice Bowden, Rene Vance, Margie Wilson and Rachel Lunden.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SVGS attracted many new members far beyond their region due to moving their meetings to Zoom. It became apparent that SVGS needed to move to a hybrid meeting experience post-pandemic so no members would be excluded. This was the society’s way of continuing to engage and educate both local and remote members, so they were equally honored as members.

How to accomplish creating these meetings and overcoming the complexities of the technology involved the creation of a “Think Tank” to come up with a solution. Thanks to this team of volunteers SVGS has moved to a hybrid-meeting format, retained its remote members, brought back local “non-Zoom” members, and continued to attract new members. SVGS’s survival and continued ability to provide access to educational and enriching programs is due to the Hybrid Meeting Research Team’s dedicated efforts and vision for a positive and productive future of SVGS.

For more information on the WSGS Outstanding Volunteer Award program, visit the Recognition page of the WSGS website or contact Please type “Volunteer Award” in the subject line.