Eastside Genealogical Society May Meeting

The Eastside Genealogical Society will meet on Thursday, May 11, 2017 in the Bellevue Regional Library (Room 1), 1111 – 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for networking.



Publishing Your Family History:  For 41 years, Gorham Printing of Centralia has produced short run, self-published books for people wanting to share their family history.  If you want to publish that novel you always had in you, they will do that as well.  Please come and see what Gorham can do for you and your project.


Also see our website for FREE genealogical help and other Special Interest Group meetings. Visitors are always welcome at all meetings.

Puget Sound Genealogical Society May Meeting

Puget Sound Genealogical Society
Tuesday, May 2, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
at Kitsap Regional Library, 1301 Sylvan Way, Bremerton
with Mary Kircher Roddy – Get up to speed on using Excel
and learn new tricks to work smarter. Let spreadsheets
analyze data and keep track of your research.
Eveyone welcome!
Thanks Jackie Horton, Publicity Chairperson

German Interest Group of The Eastside Genealogical Society


The German Interest Group of The Eastside Genealogical Society will meet on Friday, May 5, 2017, from 1 to 3 pm in the Relief Society Room of the LDS Church at 10675 NE 20thSt, Bellevue, WA 98004 with doors opening at 12:45 pm for networking. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.


Topic:  “What’s Your Family’s Story?”  – “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  Maya Angelou.  Three of the many ways in which to capture your family’s history will be addressed: 1) Family Medical History, 2) Legacy Statements and 3) Family Biographical Stories.  Utilizing the facts that genealogists research, information can be presented in a way that descendants will want to read or see more about their ancestors lives versus dust covering their copy of your ancestral pedigree charts.  Bringing these stories of our ancestors to life will benefit future generations.


Presenter:  Paula R. Seeger. Paula is an ESG member and will share information she’s gathered over the years of research, interviewing and writing her family history and working with others to capture their story by voice recording, video recording, slide shows, biographies, family history memoires as well as interviewing nursing home residents and writing the text for a book of their legacy statements.

For more information, kindly visit our website at https://egsgermangroup.wordpress.com/  .

THE GENEALOGICAL FORUM’s Wednesday Evening E-News

Wednesday Evening
19 April 2017

For more information visit www.gfo.org, contact us at info@gfo.org, or call our library at 503-963-1932. We love hearing from you!

Also, if you missed your free copy of our monthly Insider for February 2017, you’re in luck because we saved you a copy HERE. NOTE: The Insider issues are now located under the “Learn” –> “Our Publications” menu at our new website (still gfo.org).
Curious about the status of your GFO Membership?? We’d love to have you as a GFO Member!

We’ve recently received a lot of questions from our wonderful members asking when their membership expires and how they can track this.

In response, we’re now providing your membership information right here with our weekly e-news blasts. If you want to forward our weekly e-news blasts to a friend, you can also delete your personal information before forwarding the message.
GFO Presents…a whole new Special Interest Group!

TOPIC: Mexico, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California

Do your ancestors hail from one of these southern areas?

We’d love to hear from you regarding what you’d like to have as part of the new Special Interest Group (SIG) that’s being put together right now!

If this is a SIG for you, email sw@gfo.org to give your hopes and dreams for the group to us!!
There’re a few seats left at GFO’s Spring Seminar!


Online registrations, in-person registration at the GFO Library, or mailed registration. Whatever way is easiest for you!

When APRIL 29TH, 10am – 4:30pm

Where THE MILWAUKIE CENTER (sponsored by the GFO)



How It’s so simple! Just click HERE to register right now online.
Please note, the remaining Saturday Seminar spots are goin’ fast. Click HERE to register your seat!

John Philip Colletta is a faculty member of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. For twenty years, he worked part-time at the Library of Congress and taught workshops at the National Archives. This is a speaker you definitely don’t want to miss!
GFO’s April Star – Doris Cruickshank

The GFO has many damaged books that need rebinding. Our efforts to repair and rebind were far too expensive—until Doris introduced us to the Trappist Abbey Book Bindery in Carlton. She regularly transports books to and from the Book Bindery, and has generously donated to the cost of the rebinding some of the volumes. Doris also tracks books listed in the Library catalog, so we know where they are.

Doris has led the effort of organizing and cataloging GFO’s flat maps (previously boxed and in storage) so patrons can use them.

Many thanks, Doris!!

DID YOU KNOW??? There are 3 (count ’em, folks!) ways to find the GFO calendar on our new website!

Let’s count the ways….
1. The small blue rectangular button at the top right-hand corner of any of the gfo.org webpages, titled appropriately “CALENDAR.”
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3. Some additional scrolling, for the really ambitious, to the very very bottom of any of the gfo.org webpages gives you a bright sky blue band with “Calendar” at the bottom of the sitemap menu on the right-hand side. Again WAY at the bottom, so if you can’t scroll anymore, you’re in the right place!



Advanced DNA 9am – noon

Tim Janzen will present information on Visual Phasing in the context of chromosome mapping. If you are interested in reading about this topic prior to the meeting, please read some of Blaine Bettinger’s blog posts on the topic which may be found here.

Please download, print and bring to class any attached handouts and the evaluation form which can be found here.

The DNA Interest Group is facilitated by Emily Aulicino (e-mail: Aulicino@hevanet.com). Presentations cover all aspects of Genetic Genealogy beyond the basic levels.

Library Work Party! 9am – noon

There’s another work party at the GFO library this Sunday for those of you who can come. There’s lots to do and we’d love to have your help. Doors open at 9am, as usual, and work usually wraps up around noon. Some people come for just an hour or stay into the afternoon. Any time you can share is valuable. Hope to see you there.

Family Tree Maker Beginning Class 1 – 3pm

This is a beginners class for Family Tree Maker users and for those considering a purchase. Whether you are considering a move to Family Tree Maker, just starting to use it, or have been using it for years, you will find value in the special interest group focused on Family Tree Maker genealogy software. Hope to see you there at this quarterly meeting.
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Serendipity Friday

*** Clark County Gen Society REALLY Honors Their Honorees

*** A Really, Truly Great Success (Teaching!) Story

*** WSU Press: Uncommon, Undeniably Northwest Reads

*** Ghost Towns….In WASHINGTON?

*** Today’s Laugh

When I visited my friend Lethene Parks, librarian for the Clark County Gen Society, and she showed me around their library, a wall display really caught my eye. They had framed and proudly displayed the certificates of honor from WSGS awarded to CCGS members! Dear Folks, receiving a Certificate of Merit from WSGS, based on your society’s recommendation, is a Big Deal. And was really a Big Deal to the Clark County folks.


When I found I had early/colonial New York/Dutch ancestors, I went after them! My findings pointed to Ulster County, NY. I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I checked the Library Catalog to see what materials they might hold for Ulster County. I found The Genie, publication of the Ulster County Gen Society. I hauled all the issues they had to a table and spent a happy hour paging through all of them and did find some likely clues. I next determined to contact that society to follow up on the clues.
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Yakima Seminar on Saturday — Not Too Late to Register

Jay Fonkert

You don’t want to miss the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society‘s Spring Seminar  this Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 7809 Tieton Drive in Yakima. In addition to four lecture sessions with professional genealogist Jay Fonkert, the Washington State Genealogical Society’s annual meeting will be held during the lunch hour honoring outstanding volunteers and projects. For more information on the seminar, click here.

Registration can be done online at the YVGS website or at the YVGS library at 1901 S. 12th Avenue, Union Gap. Day-of-seminar walk-ins are welcome, however, lunch cannot be guaranteed.

Nancy Cordell Named Region 3 Representative

Dr. Nancy Neville Cordell

Nancy Cordell of Tumwater has been appointed the Regional Representative for Region 3 by WSGS President Virginia Majewski. Region 3 includes Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason and Thurston counties.

Nancy is an active member of the Olympia Genealogical Society where she currently serves as president.  A professional genealogist, as well as having a Ph.D. in biological anthropology, she helps researchers through her website, Diggin’ Our Past. You’ll learn more about Dr. Nancy in an upcoming “Meet the Board” blog feature.

The Board is still in search of Regional Representative volunteers in a number of areas around the state:

  • Region 1 North – Island (part), San Juan, Snohomish (part)
  •  Region 1 South – Island (part), Skagit, Snohomish (part), Whatcom
  • Region 7 – Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens
  • Region 8 – Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Okanogan

For more information on the responsibilities of a Regional Representative, click here or email WSGS Vice President Donna Potter Phillips at Donna243@gmail.com.

FREE Access to 32 Probate-Related Databases on AmericanAncestors.org

FREE Access to 32 Probate-Related Databases on AmericanAncestors.org  (18-25 April 2017)

From our friends at AmericanAncestors.org …

April 18, 2017—Boston, Massachusetts—New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) is offering free access to thirty-two probate-related databases for one week—from Tuesday, April 18, through midnight (EDST) Tuesday, April 25—with registration as a free Guest Member on AmericanAncestors.org. These databases contain some of the earliest probate records of colonial Massachusetts and other New England colonies and states, as well as New York, and New Brunswick, Canada.

AmericanAncestors.org/probate provides a wide variety of information and features on the use of probate records in family history research, and brings the probate research expertise of NEHGS staff to genealogists of all levels. It is a gateway to a deeper understanding of the use of probate documents in the study of one’s family history.

Probate records can be a powerful resource for genealogists and other researchers. These papers document legal decisions that explain how an individual’s estate is distributed to heirs, dependents, and creditors. Probates may list a person’s spouse, children, and other relatives. They may also contain important clues to a person’s financial status, by including a list of worldly possessions at the time of death. These details can reveal a lot about an ancestor’s personal life in addition to being a reliable proof of identity and may provide previously unknown information about an ancestor to add to the family tree.

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Tuesday Trivia

Apparently Washington State has a designated, official, item for more things than you or I would ever guess. Our trivia for the day is this list:

State Bird —  American Goldfinch

State Dance  —  Square Dance

State Fish  —  Steelhead Trout

State Flower  —  Coast Rhododendron

State Folk Song  —  Roll On, Columbia, Roll On

State Fossil  —  Columbian Mammoth

State Fruit  —  Apple

State Gem  —  Petrified Wood

State Grass  —  Blue Bunch Wheatgrass

State Insect  —  Green Damer Dragonfly

State Marine Mammal  —  Orca

State Ship  —  Lady Washington

State Song  —  Washington, My Home

State Tree  —  Western Hemlock

State Vegetable  —  Walla Walla Sweet Onion

How many of these would you have known, had I not included the answers? Do you know of any others???


Reading the Blog Daily

Most everyone reading this blog reads the weekly digest, but there are other ways to read a blog, the simplest is to go to the URL for the blog and bookmark it, then you can go the blog whenever you are online. Our WSGS blog is located here    if you want to go bookmark it. Problem is there may not be any new posts since you were here before and so is there a better way to read a blog, a way that notifies you when a new post is online? Yes an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader is the way to do that. If you were around a few years ago most all genealogists used Google Reader, a really easy to use RSS reader. Google decided to discontinue Google Reader and so people were scrambling to switch to another RSS reader. Many switched to Feedly a good RSS reader that was free at the time, and still has a free version for the web, IOS and android. The pay version has many improvements and  they keep adding more and more improvements.

Here is a copy of my Feedly screen, I have folders for Gene Societies, Genealogy, Google, Home and Garden, Libraries, Neighborhoods, Newspapers, Pictures, Rootsweb, Transportation and Work. I have about 350 blogs in Feedly, most post weekly or even less except for the newspapers which post about 60 articles a day, so I get about 25 or 30 articles a day from all the rest of my Feedly feeds.

Using Feedly I can read the Monday Mystery and Tuesday Trivia the same day they are posted, and I am the only one using Feedly to read the WSGS blog as of today.

There are other RSS readers besides Feedly, just Google RSS Readers.