Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Holiday Traditions around the World

  Just a Happy Reminder for you all regarding Saturday December 5th Virtual (on ZOOM) Meeting:  

Holiday CelebrationSaturday, December 5 Holiday Celebration  (EWGS Meetings) 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm Via Zoom Holiday Traditions Around the World    
See you on ZOOM at 12:30 on December 5…

PSSSST….Want to know how to win $25.00?   We will be holding a drawing for all early renewals again this year. Make an excellent move and submit your dues before midnight 12/31/2020    to be entered into the drawing for a $25.00 Gift Card.  

Focusing on all the positive actions EWGS has taken this year, one that stands out to me is that we voted to use ZOOM.  This enabled us to reach out to you and offer programs/events using the ZOOM platform.  It is exciting to see the number of participants grow with each event.  Our society is thriving despite the COVID-19 fall out!   Why should you renew?  Allow me to share with you some of the more recent positive comments made by our members:

  • “I have FREE access to all our (TAG, Refocus, Workshops, Seminars, Monthly) meetings”
  • ​​​“ I no longer have to worry about icy roads when attending EWGS meetings”
  • “No parking problems”
  • Not having to social distance or even wear mask when Zooming-in for a meeting”
  • “ I like that we as members get DISCOUNTS for public priced events”
  • “Website convenience to our EWGS website, Facebook and Blog sites for up-to-date information on         events.”
  • “FREE expert help and advice for your personal genealogy searches”

2020 is fast coming to a close please take action now and renew your membership for the upcoming year. This letter is your first reminder that we already have renewal options in place under the For Members Only side bar at www.ewgsi.org.  There you will find a printable mail in application if you prefer to use a check to renew your membership.  There is also the option to use PayPal if you’d like to go paperless.   I hope you will take advantage of one of these options and renew for 2021 before midnight December 31.

Last but not least we have a message from our President, Dolly Webb:“What a challenging year 2020 has been. Not only for EWGS but the entire world. I now have several face masks in my car and by the outside doors. I’ll visit with you in the only place I go (the grocery store) both wearing masks and 6 feet apart.“What does this have to do with EWGS you might ask?  Well, everything. All our meetings now use this ‘newfangled’ thing called Zoom. It is such a wonderful way to connect with your genealogy friends and share.  It can be so easy to withdraw and feel isolated at this difficult time, or become reluctant to try out new things.  Are you reluctant to try that ‘ZOOM’ thing? Go to our website www. HYPERLINK “http://www.ewgsi.org/”ewgsi.org and on the HOME page you will find easy directions for how to sign into ZOOM to take advantage of all the upcoming meetings listed on that page.“Get your membership dues in and come ZOOM with us. Chat with your friends and participate in our educational programs.”  Thank You, Dolly”   Hope to hear from you soon, Jennilyn Weight, Membership Committee