Pioneer Pursuit Contest is off to a Start! 

The Pioneer Pursuit Contest is off to a Start! 

Congratulations to Saundra Middleton of Anchorage, Alaska!  Saundra is the first to submit applications for the Pioneer Pursuit Contest.   She has submitted six names independently and three names on behalf of the Kirkland Heritage Society.  Job well done, Saundra. 

Please join us in trying to document all of the people and families who were in Washington Territory when statehood was achieved in 1889.  Help us leave a legacy for future genealogists.   For more information and instructions, go to our homepage at and follow the links.  

WSGS Announces Pioneer Pursuit Contest

The Washington State Genealogical Society is excited to announce a year-long contest to document the family histories of every man, woman and child living in Washington Territory on or before it became a state on November 11, 1889.

Beginning today, genealogical societies and individual genealogists can start researching and documenting Pioneers and two subsequent generations for inclusion in the Pioneer Pursuit Collection. We intend to make the histories accessible online at the end of the contest, October 31, 2023.

It is estimated there were nearly 350,000 people living here in 1889. Together, we can uncover the family histories of those Pioneers — and win a cash prize. For more information about this important undertaking, including forms, examples and resources, please visit the Pioneer Pursuit web page.